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Jack & Tracy Pearson have been raising llamas since 1986. Now In addition to the single coat of silky llamas, they are adding and developing suri llamas. Our suri herd represents a variety of suri lines, plus many we have developed here at Pearson Pond Ranch. We have over 200 llamas that represent the finest bloodlines available, including Argentine, Chilean, Bolivian, Australian, Canadian, Peruvian and North Americans.

Tracy with her girls - Click for Slide Show

  • Tracy and Little Egype
  • Tracy and Cleopatra
  • Tracy and Organza

This web site is designed to share not only our current animals and activities but the experience and knowledge developed at Pearson Pond over the past 22+ years. The "Support Care" includes how the Pearson's faced off and stood down a barrage of deadly parasites almost 18 months ago. Even while they were in the midst of treating and trying to save 20 llamas that were severely affected (they all lived), the Pearsons openly discussed their ordeal and offered assistance and comfort to other camelid owners who were experiencing similar problems.

A few of Pearson Pond Herdsires - Click for Slide Show:

  • PPR Eagle One
  • Chiri Chico
  • PPR Java and MGF Don Diego
  • Dough Boy
  • Canadian Pride
  • PPR Gibraltar
    Owned by Susan Razan
  • WLK Pravo
  • Forrest Meadow's Angus
  • Newevo Estilo
  • Dough Boy
  • Smokey Joe

We are constantly adding to "Our Support Care Index" with information about health care and other miscellaneous information such as Correct Halter Fit, Shearing, First Aid, Vaccinations and De-worming, Fighting teeth tools and care, Toe Nail care with photos, and a complete section on Birthing and Cria Care including several articles by Dr. David Anderson.

The "Compiled Information Index" section is a mixture of information including Meeting Jack and Tracy, Llama History, frequently asked questions about llamas, llama Characteristics, and many interesting stories and activities involving llamas. Under the "Compiled Info" tab you will also find a section on LLama Carting and Driving with some great articles by Ron Shinnick along with photos from both Ron and the Pearsons. Another section covers Packing and Trekking, including how to train pack llamas. You will also find sections on Kids and Llamas, Therapy and Public Relations Llamas ... even Other Critters and a section for Pearson Pond Ranch Tour.

Other Ranch Critters - Click for Slide Show:

  • Lu Lu
  • IMGP0314
  • IMG 0063
  • IMG 0066
  • IMG 0691
  • IMG 0698
  • IMG 2678
  • IMG 6971
  • IMG 7156
  • Little Dock
  • Little LuLu
  • LuluTracy

NOTE: We have just finished redesigning the site and adding lots of new and updated information. Over the next few months many additional articles will be added including information on Snake Bites in Camelids, New Parasite Articles with identifying photos, and more!!!

We would like to thank you for your time in exploring our web site and invite you to visit our ranch sometime. If we may assist you in finding that very special llama or if you have any questions please notify us by email.

We welcome visitors by appointment , call or write
Jack and Tracy Pearson:
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