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    Presentation of Placenta
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Support Care
Birthing and Cria's

Could there be a Baby on the Way? - Birthing Information signs of pending birth, what to do once the baby is here and needed items for a Neo-natal Kit.

Birthing Process The natural birthing process photos of PPR Eve being born.

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Pearson Pond Llamas

Birthing Process


Eve, the little cria pictured here is a new born and wearing what is called a cria coat. Notice the black material you see that covers her back. A cria coat is only used when outside temperatures are low and additional warmth is needed for the first few hours or days. She will only need to wear the coat until she can regulate her own body temperature.

The photographs that follow are of Eve being born.

PPR Eve - Birthing Photo

This is a natural birth without any complications. What you see here is the babies head and two front feet protruding from the mother. Notice the little caps on the feet...they are natures way of protecting the mom internally.

PPR Eve - Birthing Photo

The little cria is about half way out with mom in a standing position. Sometime a llama will give birth when kushed but the majority of time they are standing.

PPR Eve - Birthing Photo

The birth is almost complete, the cria is moments away from being on the ground. One of the interesting things about a llama birth is that there is very little or no blood. You can see from this photo what a clean birth is like. Notice there is only a filmy almost colorless membrane covering some areas of the cria.

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