Correct Halter Fit

Llamas have a short length of bone than runs down from between their eyes to approximately half way down to their nostrils. This makes it extremely important to make sure you purchase a halter designed for llamas and that you place the halter in a safe manner. The correct, safe and comfortable placement for the nose band must be on the actual bone ... Do NOT place the nosebands of the halter on the softer cartilage above the nostrils.

This is important not only for the comfort to the llama but for their safety. If the nose band fits such that it is in contact with the cartilage instead of the bone, pressure can compress or break the cartilage. If you place the nose band over the nostril area, this shuts off their air supply and an unattended tethered llama could suffocate and die. Also, if the placement is not correct, the compression of the air passage can cause a llama to panic and create a situation where it will be difficult to halter train.


Incorrect Halter Fit

Incorrect Halter Fit:

  1. Too low on back of the head.
  2. To far forward on the nose
  3. Remember, always remove halter when not using it!
Incorrect Halter Fit

Correct Halter Fit:

  1. Halter should be high on the nose.
  2. Halter should be high on back of the head.
  3. There should be room for 2 fingers between halter and llama on the back of the head and under the chin.

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