How to Use the Image Slide Show

Many of the pages use an image slide show, to get the best use of the photos here is an explanation of how the menu bar works.

Menu Bar

The above image is the menu at the top of each image slide show. The first item on the bar General Menuis a general menu. You click to open and then click again to close. This will give you the option to go back to the home page, the index page of the section you are in or take you to the contact page.

When you open a page with the Image Slide Show the photos will automatically start to rotate.

The second item on the menu thumbnail menuopens a thumbnail viewer where you will see all of the photos in the slide show. When it is open the icon becomes darker Open. To open or close the thumbnail viewer you click on this icon.

Thumbnail viewer

When you open the thumbnail viewer you will see the thumbnail viewer to the right::

You can physicially move the viewer to any place on the page, just place your mouse over the Move Icon and move the viewer to a convenient location.

The center of the menu bar is for moving to the 1st slide, back to the last slide, pause/start, to the next slide and then to the last slide.

The slide bar will increase/decrease the speed between each photo of the enlarged photo.

The last item on the menu bar is text which shows you the number of photos and which photo you are viewing

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