Neo-Natal Clinic - 2005
By H.C. Harvey


Pearson Pond Ranch nestled in the mountains outside of Ellijay Georgia was the site for a 2 day Neo-natal clinic held on July 2nd and 3rd 2005. Jack and Tracy Pearson hosted the clinic providing entertainment and great food.

Dr. LaRue Johnson and Dr. Mike Zager taught the clinic covering every aspect of llama reproduction from conception to birth. A wealth of information was presented in a fun and interesting format.

Day one consisted of a slide presentation- lecture by Dr. LaRue covering anatomy and problems that occur in the breeding process. Nutrition and proper care of llamas for the best results in the breeding program was discussed in length. How to determine if there is a problem and solving the problem was presented in a very down to earth and understandable fashion.

Day two covered the birthing process with hands on participation by the class. A mock pelvis and cria ( pictured below) were displayed showing the many difficult situations that can occur in the delivery, how to assist if necessary and when to remain hands off.

Following the mock up demonstration the class was shown specially designed bags loaded with real cria that had been still born or died during the birthing process. Each bag presented a different problem scenario that could be encountered. Without knowing what problem each bag represented, the class wearing apron and gloves, were requested to reach into the bag and try and determine the problem each bag presented. I have only had to assist in one birth and these bags are as close as I think you can get to the real thing.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed the clinic and I for one left with the confidence that when another birthing problem occurs I am better prepared to deal with it.

Now for the really fun part. Jack and Tracy know how to throw a party. Chef Jack had prepared grilled chicken with all the trimmings on Friday night for early arrivals while a pig slowly turned over the coals for the Saturday night feast. Entertainment was provided by R.V. Parks of Key West Florida, a man of outstanding talent. R.V. moved through beach music, rock and roll, country, pop and just about anything that was requested. Some of the folks just could not help but hit the floor dancing between the tables and benches.

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