Portable Evaporative Coolers

Beat The Summer Heat!!!

Quick ... move the QuietCool portable evaporative cooler to the hottest spot you have. Works great in areas such as hot factory shops, loading docks, large bays, wood working shops, greenhouses, sporting events, livestock even outdoor dining areas like a company picnic or a Bar-B-Que. . . turn it on . . . and cool-off quick. It's quick, it's quiet, it's cool. QuietCool portable evaporable coolers are efficient. They filter the air of air borne particals as it passes through the cooling media and discharges air down to twenty six degrees cooler than the incoming air. With the flip of a switch, it's cooler! Down to twenty six degrees cooler.

  • Fan18inch
    18" Unit - with 1/4 hp motor
  • Fan36Inch
    36" Unit - 1 speed with 1/4 hp motor
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    Portable Evaporative Coolers ... Beat The Summer Heat!!!
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    Portable Evaporative Coolers ... Beat The Summer Heat!!!

  • Available in 18", 36" and 48" models
  • Single speed and three speed models
  • Direct Drive or Belt Drive
  • Motor sizes of 1/2 hp, 5/8 hp and 3/4 hp

  • Maintenance Free - Engineered and manufactured to be virtually maintenance free.
  • Easy to operate - Needs only tap water and electricity to operate.
  • No waste - Engineered to be highly efficient, no water is wasted
  • Easy to move - Completely portable, so anyone can roll it quickly to any hot area. Comes standard with straight and swivel casters.
  • Air flow - QuietCool is tested for maximum air flow at operating static pressure - ensuring you maximum air flow
  • Amazingly Cooler air - Discharged air is down to 26ºF degrees cooler than the incoming air. Amazing.

  • Housing - Constructed of rotomolded, corrosion free polyethelyne.
  • Fan - Industrial duty aluminum construction.
  • Recirculating Pump - High efficiency, maintenance free, and corrosion resistant submersible water pump.
  • Float Valve - Corrosion and maintenance free plastic.
  • Water Lines / Fittings - All constructed with corrosion free materials.
  • Support - Thick aluminum angle bar at the top of QuietCool and thick galvanized steel angle bar at the bottom increases the integrity of the structure of the QuietCool unit. Makes it last longer.
  • 18” - VARIABLE SPEED UNIT 1/4 HP MOTOR $1,000.00 EA.
  • 36” - 1 SPEED DIRECT DRIVE UNIT 1/2 HP MOTOR $1,900.00 EA.
  • 36” - 3 SPEED DIRECT DRIVE UNIT 1/ 2 HP MOTOR $2,100.00 EA.

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