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2014 - Sale Female Llamas
Work in Progress - 2/24/2014

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We have an outstanding herd. Most of our breeding stock have been Grand Champions and produced consistently numerous Grand Champions. Our prices at Pearson Pond are very competitive and extremely reasonable for the quality we provide. The Pearson Pond Ranch has an exceptional reputation for standing behind our animals and we are one of the leading ranches for educational clinics and we specialize in the education of new and interested buyers.

PPR Hearts & Feathers - Sale Female
PPR Hearts & Feathers

Huacaya, Black
Dam: PPR Wiffenpoos
Sire: Newevo Estilo

Lovelady's Hummingbird
Lanuda - White
Dam: Autumn's Snow White
Sire: Lovvelady's White Lighting

PPR Aurora

Silky - Dark Cofee of Brown
Dam: PPR Outback Splendor
Sire: Chilean San Juan

PPR Purple Priority
1/27/2007 - light on milk
Suri - Silver Grey
Dam: Silver Priority
Sire: Purple Tiger
PPR Hoo - Doo
Dark Fawn
Dam: Aloha Night Sprite
Sire: Chilean Aviator
PPR Scarlet Express
Argentine - Reddish Brown
Dam: PPR Hooch-y-Kooch-y
Sire: PPR Madidi

PPR Rahpsody
Lanuda - Light Silver Grey
Dam: PPR Ave Pasajera
Sire: PPR Madidi
PPR Saints Preserve Us
Long Wool - White
PPR Gracious Grafiti
Sire: PPR Papparazzi
PPR Curtsy
Silky - Dark Coffee of Brown
Dam: Dinkie-Di
Sire: WLK Bravo

PPR Hooch-y-Kouch-y
Silky - Dark Fawn
Dam MGF Tucci
Sire: Rainman
PPR Safari Deco
Silky - Cream (off white)
Dam: MGF Filigree
Sire: Chileno Chiri Chico
PPR Savoir-Faire
Silky - Black
Dam: PPR Simone
PPR Shiek-Dreams

PPR Sparkler
Silky - White
Dam: PPR Sparkle Plenty
Sire: MGF Don Diago
PPR Plamenco
Suri - Black
Dam: PPR Arm-Candy
Sire: FW Palomo
PPR Gracious Graffiti
12/09/2007 - light on milk
Suri - White
Dam: PPR The Bee's Knees
Sire: Chilean San Juan

PPR Powder Puff
Dam: PPR Hooch-y-Kooch-y
Sire: PPR Papparazzi



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