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Bonita Ash Photography - "Capturing Character"

I am originally from Jersey, in the Channel Islands and the South of England. After travelling extensively I finally settled in the US in 1989. A keen photographer throughout my travels I have developed a diverse portfolio of pictures.

Below is a sample of my work...

DSC 0295
  • DSC 0295
    PPR Chiri Sheba - I've been over teased!
  • PPR-llama-1008 (13)
    Dr. Mike Zager, our Vet, interviewing PPR Frappuccino
  • PPR-llama-1008 (18)
    I WUV You! Do you WUV me back? (PPR Chiri's Prima Banana)
  • PPR-llama-1008 (21)
    PPR Shelia of the Outback - I now know what weaning means ... I'VE BEEN WEANED!!!!!
  • PPR-llama-1008 (33)
    Do, Too!!! ... Do, Not!!! .... Do, Too!!! ... Do, Not!!!
  • PPR-llama-1008 (40)
    I just love an Aqua Velva man!!!
  • PPR-llama-1008 (41)
    Did you hear she is pregnant - AGAIN!
  • PPR-llama-1008 (52)
    EEEEEE Gad... it's a mouse!!!
  • PPR-llama-1008 (6)
    Excuse me you're in my way ... you're blocking my view!!!

DSC 0295

Horses have always been predominant in my life. From riding to combined driving, training and competing. Dogs and cats have always been a part of the family. Working as a veterinary technician has given me the knowledge and opportunity to catch many special moments with many different species.

I am available for portrait work specialising in candid, character shots of your pet. These can be taken at your home/farm, or at a show. Many of these photographs are stock photography depicting country and farm life. For more information visit my web site "Bonita Ash Photography" or email me (be sure to mention that Tracy Pearson referred you).

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