Fighting Teeth Tools and Care

Llamas are not born with fighting teeth. They develop at around 2 years of age, all males and some females get fighting teeth. There are a total of 6 fighting teeth but they do not necessarily erupt all at the same time. In nature the fighting teeth are used for defense or taking out of circulation any competition by castration. In play fighting damage can also be inflicted by ear tearing, neck injury and leg tearing.

Fighting teeth can be most harmful to humans as well when they have to work with the mouth. It is imperative that you monitor your males religiously. Even after cutting the initial fighting teeth they can grow back and sharpen over time.

The below photos will show you the tools, the techniques and what the fighting teeth look like.

  • IMGP0053
    Implements used in cutting fighting teeth.
  • IMGP0047
    Now we make a mouth speculum using vet wrap and a 60cc syringe
  • IMGP0048
    Cut the end off where the needle goes on the 60 cc syringe
  • IMGP0049
    File down the rough edges to a smooth rounded edge
  • IMGP0050
    Thread folded vet wrap, for strength, through the syringe.
  • IMGP0051
    Put the plunger back in the syringe for strength and to hold the vet wrap securely in place.
  • IMGP0052
    Finished product ---- wrap the syringe heavily in vet wrap for padding.
  • IMGP0062
    Insert speculum in mouth ....
  • IMGP0061
    Tie vet wrap in a bow under the ears by the back of the head. DO NOT tie a knot in vet wrap, remember it sticks together and you will never get the knot to come out!!! By tying you can rinse and reuse the speculum multiple times.
  • IMGP0055
    This is an older female with a fighting tooth that has been rounded and smoothed off!
  • IMGP0057
  • IMGP0058
    This is actually showing 3 fighting teeth, 2 that are rounded and 1 on the bottom that has been cut with wire. Current recommendations is not to cut the tooth off low to the gum line. In so doing this exposes the quick.
  • IMGP0059
  • IMGP0060
  • IMGP0063
    We recommend rounding and smoothing with a dermal.
  • IMGP0064
    note: OB wire being used
  • IMGP0065
    This is a picture of the bottom of the fighting tooth, next to the speculum that has been cut by the wire ... notice quick is exposed. There are 2 opinions out there, 1) to cut the teeth low and 2) to just round off the tips.
  • IMGP0066
    Even though this is a cut tooth the edges need to be smoothed.
  • IMGP0068
    Newly erupted fighting teeth on a 2 year old. Start look for the fighting teeth around 2 years.
  • IMGP0069
    This is the right side, the lower fighting tooth has been rounded off. The upper tooth has not been rounded off yet.
  • IMGP0070
    This is left side, with newly erupted fighting teeth.
  • IMGP0071
  • IMGP0072
  • IMGP0074
    These fighting teeth have been rounded and smoothed.


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