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Travller - A Birth Remembered

It was indeed a day for me to always remember. It all began when I walked through the gate at the entrance to the ladies barn. Gabriella, an older, more reserved and distant llama, met me face to face as I entered. She stood staring into my eyes for the longest time. A sense of foreboding filled my being as I stared back. My concentration honed razor sharp, I promptly marched into the barn apartment, praying this was not going to be a wrenching day.

Immediately, I placed a call to our vet, Dr. Mike Zager, at home, hoping he had not left as of yet. I told Mike that Gabriella was going to have a problem birth today. He asked if she was in labor and my reply was "no." When Mike wanted to know why I felt this way, I had to tell him, "Because she told me she was going to have a problem." There was silence at the other end of the phone, but just like the wonderful man he is, he said he would be right over.

When Mike arrived, he palpated Gabriella and was very concerned when he could not feel the head or feet. Gabriella has had many "no-problem" babies. Mike told me to watch her and when she went into labor, go in and see if things were going right.

At 4:30 that afternoon, Gabriella went into labor with pains about five minutes apart. I was able to locate Mike and he instructed me to go in and that he was on his way. Gabriella stood very nicely and let me go in. Two of our crew here at Pearson Pond Ranch remained by her head, comforting and reassuring her. Dr. Mike was right - no head, no feet, just a large round, hard ball trying to be born. I went in under the belly and retrieved the baby's feet and legs which were in a kushed position. I still could not find the head. I managed to go farther in and located the head and neck curled down under the baby's body by the belly.

With perspiration running down my face from exertion and nerves, the baby's head was finally brought around. The feet were pushed back in to get the head out. When this was done, the feet had to be retrieved again. Then everything slowed down. His shoulders were locked...he would not come out... this was a very large baby with massive shoulders. I kept working and turning and finally he was released. Beautiful, large boned, with tremendous shoulders, a 34 pound baby boy was birthed! This was a General Robert E. Lee baby, so his name is Travller. I could not believe it. He was up and nursing in 30 minutes - beautifully straight, strong and alert.

By this time, exhaustion set in and I went up to the house to revive myself and clean up. An hour later, I decided to go and check on our new addition. As I pulled up to the barn on my four-wheeler, all the ladies that were in the field came running into the barn. They completely surrounded me and engulfed me, humming and nuzzling, babies running and bounding. Ladies that normally were reserved and standoffish we coming up to me and leaning, touching with my hands all over them kissing and loving. It was totally unbelievable! It was a giddy celebration. Such a tender, private, trusting moment - - there were no llamas or humans, just females celebrating motherhood. We were all as one. Then, just as quickly as everyone expressed what they had to express, out they went into the field, one by one. Everything was back to normal.

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