A Tribute to a Great Lady "PPR Anna Banana"

What are the qualities that make up a true Grand Dam? We have no real standards to go by, but PPR Anna Banana seems qualified to set a very high standard of what goes into the making of a Grand Dam.

She is a multi-Grand Champion and has consistently produced Grand Champions. In her own unique and stately style, she is the matriarch of the herd. Anna would run the fields and hills with the fire of a high spirited thoroughbred.

2001 she was the first 3 legged llama to win ALSA Grand Champion for produce of dam. For the champion babies she birthed after her leg was amputated.

  • AnnaBanana1
    Anna's 2006 Cria
  • AnnaBanana2
    Anna's 2006 Cria
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    PPR Anna Banana
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    PPR Anna Banana
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    PPR Anna Banana


In February, 1998, she had an accident and her left rear leg had to be removed just below the hock. She continued raising her baby, PPR Top Banana, and retained her pregnancy throughout this ordeal.

The following December, she proudly presented us with a beautiful baby boy, PPR Banana Royale, completely unassisted. She stood all day while the baby learned to nurse from the right side and laid down only when Banana Royal had mastered numerous nursings.

So, we can add another quality to the makings of a Grand Dam - - - True Grit. Anna and her baby move with all the other ladies and has freedom of all pastures. Having only three legs is not, in her mind, a weakness - - - only an inconvenience.

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